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Interface: The Rise of The Machines
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

An intense soundtrack for a dark future. What happens when the machines become more intelligent than us? Will they take care of us, or will they enslave us? How will we stop them?


1. Lank, Cid Inc. - Emotional Self (Original Mix)
2. John Axiom - Inverse Polarity (Rikesto Mitosis Remix)
3. dPen - Fragments of Life (Rikesto Remix)
4. Nomenklatur - Downtown Hill (Original Mix)
5. John Whitehorse - Changes (Original Mix)
6. Burial - Endorphin (Marcelo Vasami Dub Mix)
7. Amorphous Androgynous - In Mind (Original Mix)
8. Dark Soul Project - Dizzy Way (Original Mix)
9. Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)
10. Henry Saiz - You, The Living (7thkey and Borg Dreams Remix)
11. Muzarco, Nir Shoshani - Stringer Bell (Original Mix)
12. Luis Junior - Colache (Original Mix)
13. Guy Mantzur - Epics (David Granha Electronic Dub Mix)
- Many of these tracks are rare. If you need help to find any of them, please contact me.


Part 1: Machine Intelligence Emerges.
Part 2: The Domination of the Machines.
Part 3: Finding a Genetic Solution.
Part 4: Confluence. Machines and Humankind Merge.


- Isaac Asimov explains the three laws of robotics.
- Jason Silva talks about the intelligence singularity.
- Audio from the World's first talking computer from the 1950s.
- Extract from the film 'Bladerunner'
- Extract from the TV Series 'Star Trek: Next Generation"
- Extract from the film 'The Matrix: Revolutions"

If you like this mix you might also like 'Charles Wild - Dark Star Rising'. Please visit me at facebook.com/djcharleswild. I am happy for any feedback!


Gloriously ethereal and liquid sounds dance over chunky driving basslines. This is a compilation of mostly rare cutting-edge tracks. Rock... Out...

The art is 'Water Element' by Aussie-Gal [http://aussie-gal.deviantart.com/]


1. Paolo Mojo, Jim Rivers - Ron Hardy Said (Eric Prydz Remix)
2. N'to - Stupid (Worakls Remix)
3. Lonya, DJ Zombi - Kalaniot (Dark Soul Project Remix)
4. F-Act - Blizzard (Hypnotic Duo Remix)
5. Guy J - Azimuth (Marcelo Vasami and Ariel Ab Remix)
6. Ivan Jaime, Andres Lopez - Angel Signs (Weepee Remix)
7. Guy Mantzur - Mediterranean Blue (Original Mix)
8. Deepfunk - Tulips Grow In Space (Original Mix)
9. Matias Larrosa - Whisky Old Blue (Original Mix)
10. Damabiah - Irminsul, Le Pilier Du Monde (Original Mix)
11. Parker, Hanson - Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix)
12. Marco Bailey, Tom Hades - Stars & Shines (Original Mix)

- Most tracks available from Beatport.com


End-to-end simply the funkiest, grooviest records in my box.

Cover art is 'Kung Fu Power' by Matuzalein: http://matuzalein.deviantart.com/

Download from: http://facebook.com/djcharleswild

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These are the meandering dreams of a restless sleeper. An ambient canvas interwoven with mesmerising beats and dotted with classic movie samples. The first half begins with a trippy groove and drifts into a semi-conscious dream. In the second half the music becomes increasingly deeper and mesmeric, and finally ends in an epic crescendo. If you are the sort of person that likes to relax by putting your headphones on, this one is for you.

The cover art is a beautiful piece called 'Free Falling Dream' by Richard Avis. [http://nighthawk101.deviantart.com/]

Samples: Material Vision - Radio Arc [http://sommer.alog.net/posts/226] / SoundSleepNow 'Soothing Voice and Music' / Jiddu Krishnamurti / Mammoth Cave Sleep Research / 'Cool Hand Luke' / 'The Amazing Mrs Holliday' / 'Revenge Of The Body Snatchers', 1950 / 'Citizen Kane' / 'The Twilight Zone (The Matrix)' / KismetVideo 'Katja Hypnotizes Doug' 'Intoxicated! With Mercedes' / 'To Have And Have Not' / Star Trek 'The Mark Of Gideon'


(used as a warm-up set for Above & Beyond TATW370 - visit http://www.facebook.com/djcharleswild for download links)

This is a journey through our Solar System, to the soundtrack of symphonic, soul-bending Trance. Illustrated with actual mission audio taken from Sputnik, Apollo 10, 11, 15, 17, Viking, and SpaceShipOne (Virgin Galactic), this concept mix includes some of the most exhilarating and profoundly uplifting music in modern dance music.

Stage 1: Launch
Stage 2: Orbital
Stage 3: Moonbase
Stage 4: Leaving the Moon
Stage 5: Last Call Home
Stage 6: Starlight
Stage 7: Mars
Stage 8: Jupiter
Stage 9: Saturn
Stage 10: Uranus
Stage 11: Neptune
Stage 12: Deep Space

Cover Art based on an image by Greg Martin: http://www.experiencetheplanets.com/
With thanks to the NASA Project Apollo Archive


Cutting edge vocal-beat fusion to warm up the most sophisticated of cold-night parties. A unique cocktail blend of Tech House, Deep House, Trip Hop and Electronica. 

Cover Art by PsikoPower @ DeviantArt: http://psikopower.deviantart.com/ 

JOIN ME... on http://www.facebook.com/djcharleswild where you can get download links for the mix below.


Featuring Kim Jong Il and Robert Oppenheimer. As we welcome North Korea and Iran to the nuclear family, this is a 60 minute sample-laden emotional trip through fear of the bomb and survival of the aftermath. Put your headphones on and let the story unfold...



http://www.mixcloud.com/Charles_Wild/the-crystal-pioneer/player/ for tracklistings and more

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the Universe" - Carl Sagan

On the frontiers of electronic music, artists are experimenting with the building blocks of sound and rhythm in an attempt to create music without rules. Mostly these attempts produce failures, but just occasionally a track appears that really inspires. This is an unusual collection of wierdly beautiful electronic tracks collected over two years - odd rhythms - strange sounds - infectious riffs and melodies.

This mix was partly inspired by advancements in the world of science, where small groups of scientists are using breakthrough computational techniques to 'invent' new materials by throwing virtual atoms into structures and environments that could never before be conceived. Just as with experimental electronic tracks, occasionally a virtual crystal finds a stable form, and so by using this approach these scientists are rolling back the limits of human understanding.

Download: http://soundcloud.com/charles-wild/the-crystal-pioneer/download
1 hour 118MB MP4 (including sleeve notes and images) for iTunes, iPod, Windows Media Player.

Cover Art by Timemit @ DeviantArt: http://timemit.deviantart.com/


A selection of the most uplifting groovy techy prog house tunes that I know, all in one 60 minute mix. I blew all my favourite tracks on this mix!

DOWNLOAD in 320kpbs from: http://soundcloud.com/charles-wild/the-nectar-drop/download


[00:00] Deadmau5 - Brazil
............2nd Edit [Ministry of Sound (America)]
[06:21] Mango - Friday Coffee
............Paul Keeley Remix [Add2basket Recordings]
[10:20] Rocky - City Lights
............Tomic Remix [Echoes Records]
[13:19] Marco V - Unprepared
............Extended Mix [In Charge]
[18:43] Michael Badal - Frequencies feat. Catherine
............Eleven.Five Remix [Dangerbox Recordings]
[21:24] Pryda - Wakanapi
............Original Mix [Pryda Recordings]
[26:09] Quivver - Surin
............Original Mix [Boz Boz]
[31:39] For Sale - Save You
............Airplay 47 Remix [Dangerbox Recordings]
[36:20] Nic Chagall - This Moment feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn
............Progressive Mix [High Contrast Recordings]
[42:04] Paolo Mojo - Bellsong
............Original Mix [OOSH Music]
[47:21] Brian Eno - Ascent (An Ending)
............Leama & Moor Mix [Primal Recordings]
[52:50] Guillaume Nyckees - Second Chance
............Original Mix [Magnolia Digital Label]


Up-tempo progressive House using only vocal tracks including trance elements and a syncopated dub groove.

DOWNLOAD in 320kpbs from:

[00:00] Headstrong - Helpless feat. Shelley Harland
............Mike Foyle's Summer Mix [Solar Recordings]
[06:48] Oceanlab - Sirens of the Sea feat. Justine Suissa
............Cosmic Gate Vocal Mix [Anjunabeats]
[10:28] Armin Van Buuren - In and Out of Love feat. Sharon Den Adel
............Extended Mix [Armada Music]
[15:45] Andy Duguid - Wasted feat. Leah
............Original Mix [Black Hole Recordings]
[20:19] Andy Moor, Makus Schulz - Daydream
............Markus Schulz Coldharbour Mix [Armada Music]
[24:20] Andy Caldwell - Warrior feat. Lisa Shaw
............Andy's Main Room Mix [UNO Recordings]
[26:41] Nic Chagall - What You Need
............Sergio Fernandez Remix [High Contrast Recordings]
[29:53] Dean Coleman - I Want You feat. DCLA
............Sultan & Ned Sheppard Remix [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
[33:00] Angelina - Pictures of You
............Original Mix [7th Sense Recordings]
[35:38] Above & Beyond - Good For Me feat. Zoe Johnston
............Redanka Vocal Mix [Anjunabeats]
[37:45] Above & Beyond - Good For Me feat. Zoe Johnston
............Thomas Datt Bootleg Mix [Anjunabeats]
[38:30] Jon O'Bir - Do It All Again feat. Emi
............Duderstadt Progressive Mix [Vandit Digital]
[42:04] Drax & Scott Mac - Must Have Been a Dream
............Original Mix [Surface Recordings]
[47:32] Albert Keyn - Save One Love
............BRT Mix [Drizzly Records]
[49:35] Adyjay - Part of U feat. Tiff Lacey
............Original Mix [Emotive Vibes]
[53:39] Arnej - The Beauty That Lies Behind Those Green Eyes
............Opus Outro Mix [Black Hole Recordings]

... dedicated to my beautiful wife (pictured) ...

60mins; 320kbs from source; 24-bit recorded and mastered on 15 February 2009

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